Legalization of employment of foreigners in Poland

When participating in the workshops, you will receive information about the procedures

employment of a foreigner (declaration on entrusting work to a foreigner,

notification of entrusting work to a citizen of Ukraine, information from the starosta,

seasonal work permit). Changes in applicable regulations will be discussed.

You will also receive help in completing the forms and indicating the most common ones

mistakes made. As an employer, you will also be able to get answers to

your most troubling questions regarding the employment of a foreigner.


First Company. Step by step

When participating in the presentation, you will receive information about the methods of conducting

business, costs of running a business, who can help you start your own business and where

and from whom you can receive financial support as an entrepreneur. You will also receive

information on signing documents online and consultation points for

entrepreneurs. The aim of the presentation is to stimulate entrepreneurship among young people through…

series of presentations „First business. Step by step”. You will also have the opportunity to obtain

the answer to your most troubling questions about opening your own business.


Creating video content 101

  What are we watching on the internet now? Well, mainly TikToks, reels and videos! And how to create them yourself and

use in marketing? You will learn this during a short training and creation workshop


Learn to create content with what you have at hand, learn tools for editing and video editing, and

finally, hear about an advertising strategy that will use the video 100% to your advantage!

How to create and manage projects from scratch

The aim of the workshop is to provide practical management techniques and tips

projects. The workshop will discuss proven methods of effective planning

project progress, controlling its results and coordinating the team’s work

design. The workshop is addressed to both beginners and project managers

people who plan to start their professional career in this area.

Leadership – effective team leadership

During the workshop, the host will talk about modern team management concepts.

Theories commonly used around the world regarding motivation, team building,

effective communication and knowledge management will be supplemented with specific examples and

practical advice resulting from the trainer’s authentic experiences. Subject

The workshop will focus particularly on the issues of team management in an organization

non-governmental organization and in a start-up business team.

Everything you need to know about marketing

During this training, we will talk in a practical way about psychological mechanisms

and social ones that are behind everything that happens in the world of Marketing and Sales.

Self-presentation – an introduction to the conversation

Elevator pitch known as the 30 second elevator pitch talks about the fact that in a draft

In such a short time you have to convince others about yourself, your idea or project.


Should we still accept this as the only way?

Let’s see how you can look at presenting yourself from a different perspective.

  1. How to get others interested in yourself, your idea, your product (not necessarily in a specific way).

30 seconds)?

  1. How to modify the popular „elevator pitch” presentation method?
  2. How can talking about yourself become an invitation to cooperation?

During the training, I will introduce you to the world of Public Speaking. Together we will create short ones

a statement about you that you can use as a business card and an encouragement for further conversation.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’re about to perform for the first time on stage with me,

only in a friendly atmosphere.


Content Marketing, or how to create content that sells?

Nowadays, marketing is an indispensable element of the functioning of every company,

and experts in this field are extremely valued by employers. The aim of the workshop will be:

providing not only theoretical knowledge, but above all practical knowledge. They will stay

the most important concepts related to content marketing and its practical aspects are explained

application in business promotion strategy. The workshop is aimed at both

beginner Content Marketing Managers as well as people planning to develop in this field



How to get your dream job?

During this training, you will learn how to prepare for a job interview and how

interest a potential employer. The aspect of transport will also be discussed

results and getting along with the team and the boss while performing the job.

Time management

The training is aimed at familiarizing participants with the basic concepts related to time management, making them aware of the importance of effective planning, and providing real tools for more effective time management.